What’s the best approach to research the company or job you want?

Mary Despe
4 min readAug 9, 2022
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Someone recently reached out to me on LinkedIn about a job.

They wanted more details about a role that was posted.

Though I hadn’t shared it online nor was it something that I typically recruit for, the inquiry wasn’t out of the ordinary.

After all, I am a Recruiter.

While I’m certainly not perfect, I’ve always tried to help folks in search of opportunities, by way of pointing them in a more suitable direction, or referring to others better equipped, even if it wasn’t my job.

However… this particular “ask” was a bit different.

They didn’t have questions about the description nor the responsibilities.

They wanted to know more about what the hiring manager was really looking for — if I could shed light into what would make them stand out, offer any additional information that might help them position themselves as a more desirable candidate than others applying to the role.

This kind of request, in my opinion, belongs in the “You need to do your research” category of your job search.

While people can have differing opinions on what the ‘right’ thing to do would be, this request got me thinking:

  • What are the ways in which job seekers build knowledge about the companies and roles that they are interested in?
  • Are there better sources than others?
  • Should you be adopting a particular approach to how you’re building your intelligence in the job search?

When it comes to gaining specific insight to a particular role, company or industry, I believe in a multi-tiered approach to information gathering. Here are some suggestions to help strengthen your awareness and intelligence around your career pursuits and the companies that interest you:

  • Go beyond the usual research sources for job seekers.

Googling their latest mentions on social media, along with setting up notifications and alerts around new jobs posted are common ways professionals keep tabs on their favorite companies.



Mary Despe

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